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Pizzas are a favourite fun meal for kids and grownups alike. There is just something about a fantastic pizza that makes you feel happy and like nothing else matters. Pizza restaurants have big shoes to fill when comes to delivering beautifully deliciously pizzas that their customers will fall in love with. Therefore, they need to have the ideal catering equipment to match the demanding orders.

The foundation for this delicious meal is made from dough. If your restaurant is extremely busy you will need to consider a Dough Roller to prepare the dough while you tend to other tasks in the kitchen.

If your restaurant is set up for clients to choose their own toppings then the Salvadore Pizza Ingredient fridge will be perfect. It stores and displays the toppings in a cool yet well-lit fridge. It is portable so you can move it wherever you prefer and it’s a glass sneeze guard for hygiene purposes.

Once you’ve prepared the dough and the toppings the next step is to bake it. There are an assortment of Anvil Pizza Ovens to choose from and the one you decide on will depend on your daily requirements. There are options which include digital conveyors, single decks, 2 trays, 3 trays, 4 trays, as well as gas ovens.

· Pizza Shovel

You will need to have the ability to remove the hot contents out of the oven without damaging the shape. A huge square Pizza Shovel is ideal for sliding and lifting it safely and neatly.

· Pizza Cutter

If you’ve ever tried to slice this round cheesy dish with a knife you will have noticed that it does not give you smooth slices. A Pizza Cutter with its round blade design rolls and slices each piece perfectly.

· Round Pan

Obviously a pizza is made in a circular shape so a round pan will be ideal.

Each restaurant has its own unique requirements and preferences in regards to catering equipment. But if you would like to stay ahead of the competition you need to invest in quality technical catering equipment that is specific to your menu as well as the dishes that you prepare. That way you can have greater control over the menu meals and can deal with the kitchen and restaurant more efficiently.

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